Elevate Your Customer Experience To

Create Fewer Ruined Days For Your Customers.™

On-site and remote training, speaking, and workshops to help you create an amazing experience that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

On-site and remote training, speaking, and workshops to help you create an amazing experience that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Virtual Events.
Real Results.

These days, virtual CX workshops and presentations have become the new normal.

How do you get results when you can't get everybody in a room together?

For over a decade, Jeannie has been trusted to speak and consult remotely by learning institutions like Georgetown University and Linkedin Learning, Fortune 500s like Zurich and Cisco, and countless SMBs.


Whether it’s online or offline, leading a workshop or speaking from stage, Jeannie Walters shows you how to get — and more importantly, keep — the rave reviews flowing in.

My mission is to help you figure out where you’re losing customers and create an experience that your customers can’t help but rave about.

Jeannie helps you turn your customer’s bad days into great and memorable moments.

Through CXI® workshops, consulting, and training sessions, Jeannie and her team will help your entire organization clarify, track, and improve how customers are interacting with you.

When your customer loyalty is slipping, where do you start to fix it? It’s about more than just customer service, after all. Time spent on hold, the signs in your storefront, even your unsubscribe message could be unknowingly driving people away.

Jeannie will help you map out your entire customer journey, identify where the gaps are, and train your staff and leaders to build deeper loyalty with every single small interaction.

Jeannie has worked with these enlightened business leaders to create and maintain CX cultural transformations:

Bath & Body Works

"As a result of our workshops, I saw our leadership align...on what the future of VIP should look like and what we should be striving towards. This helped to improve conversations focused on 'what next' and 'how...'"

William S., Senior Program Manager, Player Experience


Inspire your company to value customer loyalty.

Reduce churn, create stronger customer relationships, and promote positive word-of-mouth marketing by making customer experience the foundation of your company culture.

In her engaging and energetic keynotes, panels, and presentations, Jeannie Walters empowers enlightened business leaders to evaluate and transform their CX program to Create Fewer Ruined Days for Customers.™

Jeannie is an industry leader who has been helping Fortune 1000 companies attract and retain more loyal customers for more than 20 years. She has been invited to speak on three continents, and her 2012 TEDx Talk is considered one of the top 5 TEDx Talks on customer retention.

Your attendees will leave feeling energized, empowered, and equipped to help you activate customer-centric DNA throughout your whole organization.

A short list of some of Jeannie's event appearances:

Consumer Choice Awards
Consumer Choice Awards
EAFIT University - CONAMERC International Congress (Colombia)
EAFIT University - CONAMERC International Congress (Colombia)
Clarabridge C3 (Las Vegas & Toronto)
Clarabridge C3
Customer Experience World: London (UK)
Customer Experience World: London (UK)
Orangetheory Fitness Convention
Orangetheory Fitness Convention
Digital Experience Summit
Digital Experience Summit
Next Generation Customer Experience (San Diego)
Next Generation Customer Experience
CONNECT: Mobile Innovation Summit
CONNECT: Mobile Innovation Summit
Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit
Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit
BioGuard Leadership Conference (Atlanta)
BioGuard Leadership Conference

"The subject matter Jeannie spoke on really resonated with our audience. The customer experience starts with us!"

Angela Bahrke Steuwer, Marketing Web Specialist
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