Jeannie Walters

Chief Customer Experience Investigator™

“Jeannie was very engaged with our product and brand, which made her presentation more relevant and exciting to review.”

-- Grace Pineda, VP of Operations, Orangetheory Fitness

Jeannie has been described as “a CX influencer you should know,” and her motto “Creating Fewer Ruined Days for Customers™” has been adopted by the enlightened business leaders who have benefited from her inspiring keynotes, her pioneering CX Cultural Transformation™ program, and her customized workshops and webinars.

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    Customer Thermometer called Jeannie’s presentation on “Meaningful micromoments” one of the top five TED Talks on customer retention.

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    Her podcast Crack the Customer Code, which she co-hosts with customer service expert Adam Toporek, has consistently garnered praise for its engaging industry insights.

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    She has 20 years of experience helping companies improve loyalty and retention, employee engagement, and overall customer experience.

As featured in...

Customer Experience Professionals Association
Linkedin Learning
Customer Thermometer

Whether she's helping enlightened leaders design new or improved customer experiences or captivating your audience with a smart and surprisingly fun keynote, Jeannie blends hard data and and intuitive thinking to uncover the experiences that really delight people.

Jeannie has spent twenty years investigating the best and worst in customer experience.

Her experiences and expertise have made her a valuable source of insights for CEOs seeking to improve revenues, and she’s received mention in Forbes, Fortune, and other media for her CX vision.

She’s a founding member of CXPA, a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, and a Certified Customer Experience Professional with a passion for improving everyday interactions.

“I really liked how Jeannie tailored her talk to my audience and did her research with the industry to address some of the key challenges faced by Patient Experience executives specifically... it was very powerful.”

-- Kristin S., Conference Director, World Business Research

Jeannie has worked with these enlightened business leaders to create and maintain CX cultural transformations:

Bath & Body Works

Places Jeannie Has Shared Her Expertise...

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    Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), as a charter member, leader, host, and speaker

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    LinkedIn Learning Instructor with more than 200,000 views

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    Speaker at the Consumer Choice Awards, Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit, Orangetheory Fitness Convention, Digital Experience Summit, CONNECT: Mobile Innovation Summit, and many more

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    Regular webinar host for SAP, CXPA, ChurnZero, Online Marketing Institute, and others

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    As the creator and instructor of the Social Customer Care Certification Course for the Word Of Mouth Marketers Association

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Selected Accolades & Achievements

Customer Experience Professionals Association
Charter member and two-time CXPA Extra Mile Award winner
Certified Customer Experience Professional, CCXP
Member of the Year by Vistage International
Outstanding Woman of Achievement by the Girl Scouts of America
Businesswoman of the Year by the Business Ledger

The Full Story...

Jeannie Walters is an award-winning customer experience expert, international keynote speaker, and Founder of Experience Investigators, a firm that’s pioneered helping companies increase sales and customer retention through elevated customer experiences.

Trailblazing the movement from “Reactive Customer Service” to “Proactive Customer Experience,” Jeannie is considered the leading authority for improving both employee and customer relationships. A Certified Customer Experience Professional and charter member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Jeannie’s worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including Orangetheory Fitness, SAP, Comcast, and JPMorgan Chase.

As a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, Jeannie has spoken to tens of thousands of people across three continents on the power of proactivity to increase brand loyalty.

A sought-after business coach and educator, Jeannie’s partnered with MarketingProfs as a Masterclass Instructor and has had over 300,000 people go through her courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Passionate about demystifying the process for improving customer experience, Jeannie has published thousands of articles, and her insights have been featured in Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

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