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Helping Enlightened Leaders Create Fewer Ruined Days for Customers.™

Are you using the same metrics as your customers to assess your brand’s CX?

The human experience is a challenging data point to quantify.

How does a CRM measure the frustration a customer feels when she’s been on hold for ten minutes? How does a CMO calculate the delight of a prospect experiencing a novel marketing campaign?

Collecting and understanding experiential data is a challenge, but businesses that ignore the need for an in-depth analysis of their customers’ actual journey are doomed to lag behind their competition.

Experience your brand as your customers do with journey mapping.

What is journey mapping, anyway?

Journey Mapping is experiencing your brand from your customer’s perspective — specifically, identifying their pain points and your opportunities to solve their problems and give them what will delight them.

Introducing Customer Experience Investigation™ (CXI®)

Using her trademarked journey mapping process, Jeannie explores and assesses both the ideals of your leaders and the expectations of your target markets.

She helps you walk in your customers’ shoes—and apply practical actionable insights to increase customer loyalty right away.

Jeannie customizes CXI® to focus on your specific business goals and pain points through:

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    Customer journey mapping and digital experience mapping

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    Touchpoint discovery and inventory

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    Identifying pain points and opportunities for delight

Learn the hard truths — and redesign your customer experience.

“As a result of engaging Jeannie and her team, we made changes to our products, web properties and marketing tactics as a result of your engagement. These changes have contributed to improvement in our sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores.”

Justin Zacks, Director of Customer Experience


Interested in harnessing the power of journey mapping for your organization?

Here’s what it can look like.

1 Day

One-Day Intensive

Choose this if:

  • You have no idea where to start with improving your customer experience
  • You aren’t tracking customer data or have just begun
  • You’re ready to change your customer experience for the better

What it looks like:

  • We work with a group from your organization, including leaders and customer-facing employees
  • We map out your customer journey together
  • We spend a day exploring possible steps to improve your customer’s experience end-to-end
  • You end up with a list of immediate opportunities as well as long-term ideas
  • You and your team move forward to implement the results
4-6 Weeks

CXI® Touchpoint Inventory

Choose this if:

  • You’ve never done journey mapping or it’s been a long time
  • You’re not sure about the touchpoints on your customer journey
  • You know you have a lot to improve but aren’t sure how to approach things
  • You seek the additional clarity of outside professional research
  • You would like results broken down by topic or department

What it looks like:

  • We use our proprietary tool to analyze and score all of your main touchpoints
  • We do additional research, including interviews and observations
  • We present our findings of pain points and opportunities for delight to your leadership team
  • You and your team move forward with a prioritized list of touchpoints to improve
2-6 Months

The CX Workout Approach

Choose this if:

  • You have already been tracking data on customer experience
  • You exist in a large or competitive market
  • You want to use unbeatable customer experience to dominate your industry
  • Improving CX is a primary priority in your budget

What it looks like:

  • More intensive journey mapping process
  • Further research and engagement via online focus groups & forums
  • We break down the findings, suggestions, and results

Continued implementation support available.

CX Strategy Implementation

Now that the planning’s done, are you ready to fully leverage the power of a customer-centric organization?

If you’ve already collected the data or built a journey map, here’s where the real work begins.

After all, your CX strategy is only as effective as its implementation.

Ongoing CX support from a Certified Customer Experience Professional

Jeannie offers enlightened business leaders consistent support in creating and maintaining a customer-centric culture that boosts employee enthusiasm and creates a frictionless customer experience.

Using her knowledge and experience with adult learning and content marketing, Jeannie will help you plan—and more importantly, consistently implement—getting your whole team working towards fewer ruined days for your customers every single day.

You can opt for one of three solutions or work with Jeannie to design a CX implementation strategy for your unique needs.

CX Introduction

  • Monthly Articles on various CX topics (not customized)
  • Additional “Micro” Content deliverables, based on client options
  • Webinars and Live Q&A not included

CX Cultural Transformation

  • Kickoff Webinar
  • Co-Created Training and Custom Content Calendar
  • 2 Custom Articles per month
  • 1 Customized Webinar every other month
  • Employee Interviews and Highlights each quarter
  • Focus on Targeted Monthly Themes and Key Metrics

CX Commitment

All the benefits of CX Cultural Transformation, Plus:

  • Weekly Custom Articles
  • Monthly Customized Webinar, recorded for 12-month license
  • Live quarterly Video Q&A with Jeannie Walters and your identified “CX Advocates”
  • Monthly CX KPI/Analytics Review with Jeannie Walters
  • Monthly Interview with a Featured CX Superstar from your team, recorded 

"As a result of our workshops, I saw our leadership align...on what the future of our service program should look like and what we should be striving towards. This helped to improve conversations focused on 'what next' and 'how...'"

William S., Senior Program Manager, Player Experience


Reinforce the customer-centric DNA throughout your company culture.

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