Customers Need Reassurance: Lessons from my London Experience

by Jeannie Walters

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I recently visited London while I was there speaking for Customer Experience World. I stayed in the West End and walked and walked and walked!

customers need

I started noticing things which seemed unfamiliar to me but I’m sure are very familiar to every Londoner. These micromoments in the city really caught my eye. They show someone is really thinking about the experiences people, especially visitors, might have in the city.

Reassurance and guidance are essential to creating better experiences.

My favorite micromoments were everywhere! It’s such a simple idea but super helpful for visitors like me. At any pedestrian crosswalk, there are two words painted on to the street itself. The words are either “Look Left” or “Look Right.” While this may seem obvious, the way the Brits drive on the left and some streets are split into two cross walks, this was immensely helpful! Just think of how they came to do this. The city officials thought of the actual experience of walking across the street and not remembering to look left or not feeling safe and comfortable just crossing the street. This small act of stencils and paint helps thousands of walkers safely cross the streets!

Customers Need

Customers Need

Another great micromoment was inside the famous black taxicabs. This red light clearly indicates when the doors are locked and you are safe inside. It’s a subtle reassurance to the passengers and a thoughtful way to indicate safety.

Customers Need

Finally, these signs above simple receptacles mounted on to street lights allow for no question what their use is!

Customers Need

Culture has a definite impact on how we see the world.

Isn’t it thoughtful to consider those who aren’t a part of your culture and provide the cues and reassurances they need? micromoments are moments that matter. These micromoments were memorable, thoughtful and provided this visitor with a sense of welcome. What can you do within your own experience to provide the helpful guideposts and reassurance customers need?

I created a special Pinterest board for micromoments and other inspiring sights I found during my short stay in London. Hop on over and take a look! What would you add? Let us know in the comments section below. Our favorite micromoments are those we receive from our community!

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Featured image: Tim Morris via Creative Commons license

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