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Jeannie’s presentation Meaningful Micro-engagements was hailed by Customer Thermometer as one of the top five TED Talks on Customer Retention Ideas.

In her energetic keynotes, panels, and workshops, Jeannie Walters empowers your audience of enlightened business leaders to evaluate and transform their CX program—and Create Fewer Ruined Days for Customers.™

Your attendees will leave feeling energized and empowered—and more importantly, ready to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with every interaction, big or small.

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Jeannie is a sought-after speaker — she takes the technical and combines it with the practical and the playful to give your audience a fun, engaging introduction that will have them eager to start implementing.

What’s more, you get:

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    An internationally-recognized speaker who has spoken on three continents

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    Decades of industry experience delivered in an easy-to-absorb way

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    A presentation that is well-researched and customized for your industry

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    The perspective of a Certified CX Professional and CX Expert Panelist for the CXPA

A short list of some of Jeannie's event appearances:

Consumer Choice Awards
Consumer Choice Awards
EAFIT University - CONAMERC International Congress (Colombia)
EAFIT University - CONAMERC International Congress (Colombia)
Clarabridge C3 (Las Vegas & Toronto)
Clarabridge C3
Customer Experience World: London (UK)
Customer Experience World: London (UK)
Orangetheory Fitness Convention
Orangetheory Fitness Convention
Digital Experience Summit
Digital Experience Summit
Next Generation Customer Experience (San Diego)
Next Generation Customer Experience
CONNECT: Mobile Innovation Summit
CONNECT: Mobile Innovation Summit
Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit
Cleveland Clinic Patient Empathy Summit
BioGuard Leadership Conference (Atlanta)
BioGuard Leadership Conference

Inspire Your Attendees to Create Fewer Ruined Days for Their Customers.

"I really liked how Jeannie tailored her talk to my audience and did her research with the industry to address some of the key challenges faced by PX executives specifically... it was very powerful."

Kristin S., Conference Director
Worldwide Business Research

Worldwide Business Research

Book Jeannie today to address a topic specific to your organization or choose one of the popular topics shown here.

The Leader's Role in Customer Experience

When a business is young, the founders are organically intent on ensuring the happiness of each new customer.

As it grows, that intention remains—but a gulf can form between leaders’ perception of the customer experience and the actual customer journey, creating a knowledge gap substantial enough to sink your business.

In this keynote or executive workshop, Jeannie helps your leaders continually set the stage for an exceptional customer experience.

Moments That Matter

A great customer experience is made up of a multitude of small moments.

These micromoments are fleeting, but have major consequences for customer engagement.

In this keynote, Jeannie shows your business leaders how to recognize those small moments that build trust with customers—or break it completely.

These tiny details are easy to overlook, but Jeannie uses relevant and funny examples to make increasing customer loyalty fun, practical, and engaging with every tiny interaction.

Be Your Own Customer Experience Investigator™: Elevate Your Customer Experience

In this keynote, Jeannie provides a roadmap for building stronger customer relationships that scale—whether in the digital or physical world.

This has two components. The first is putting customer experience at the heart of your business strategy. But equally important is getting your employees on board. After all, when your employees aren’t engaged, you can be sure your customers aren’t either.

Jeannie—the creator of the Customer Experience Investigator™ methodology—offers a path for creating a company culture that goes beyond just analyzing data to truly understanding what your customers are thinking, from first touch to last.

This will allow you to make better business decisions, increase loyalty and retention, reduce employee turnover—and create an environment where customers and employees alike feel empowered.

Custom Keynotes Available. How Can Jeannie Help You?

Are you ready to give your group their next “aha!” moment?

Thought Leadership

More than a thought leader, Jeannie is a thought partner.

Create Fewer Ruined Days for Customers.™

Are you looking for a healthy dose of customer experience insight to inspire your next big move?

Or maybe you want to motivate employees to make delighting customers their mission?

Whether you need a keynote speaker for your CX event or expert commentary on future trends, Jeannie Walters keeps CX professionals engaged, entertained, and ultimately enlightened with her down-to-earth humor and razor sharp customer experience expertise.

Expert Interviews & Articles

Inform your audiences with thought-provoking articles and interviews.

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Crack the Customer Code with Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters

Crack the Customer Code with Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters

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Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken
Leadership Happy Hour with Chip Lutz
Fast Leader Podcast


Listen to Jeannie’s highly-rated podcast Crack the Customer Code or invite her to join you on yours.


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